Tactile to Digital Part 3: Creating a Tactile Overlay On the Go!

Tactile to Digital Half 3: Making a Tactile Overlay On the Go!

What if you’re in the midst of a tech lesson and your pupil would profit from a tactile overlay of the iPad display screen? This put up reveals two fast and simple methods to create easy iPad overlays with out an embosser or PIAF/Swell graphics machine. The app being showcased within the video is the free APH CodeQuest app, a coding idea app wherein the participant has to find out the trail that the astronaut should take to succeed in his rocket ship. The trail/maze is mainly a grid with open and blocked off areas.

Tactile Supplies

  • iPad
  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sensational Blackboard OR graphic tape

Materials Sources

Within the video beneath, Jessica rapidly shared two strategies on how she traced the CodeQuest grid on to paper after which created a tactile graphic of the grid. Technique 1, she used a Sensational Blackboard to attract a raised line picture of the grid. Technique 2, is she positioned graphic tape on the grid strains.

Editor’s Word: I like to recommend taking a screenshot of the CodeQuest grid and tracing the photograph. If tracing the precise app, you could activate buttons within the app!


Prime Causes for the CodeQuest Overlay

  • Help pupil in dragging in a straight line throughout or down the grid
  • Perceive the idea of rows, columns and grids
  • To construct psychological mapping expertise of the grid format and the spatial relationships of things on the grid
  • Assist transition from tactile graphics to digital assets
  • To bolster what number of “steps” are wanted alongside the trail


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